Linda Ikeji allegedly slammed with N75 Million tax evasion charges(photos)

Celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji, might be in trouble going by reports from The Capital NG which claim that the blogger who acquired a luxurious mansion in Banana Island a couple of months ago, has been slammed with charges by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) for tax evasion amounting to the sum of N75 Million.
Linda was said to have also denied ownership of her Banana Island home touted to be worth well over N500 million, when questioned by the officials.


The Capital also reports;

According to a source in the FIRS, the celebrity blogger had been evading tax payment, which has amounted to the whooping sum of N75 Million. However, when asked about the purchase of the house, it was disclosed that Linda blatantly denied ownership of the over N500 Million luxurious mansion which she allegedly purchased in 2015.

Linda’s critics are steady attacking and condemning her for the way she openly “bragged” about the purchase of the building in 2015.

Screenshot of the 2015 LIB post below:


FIRS officials have reportedly taken steps that will lead to her prosecution in a court of law.
Nothing has been heard from Linda Ikeji as at the time of this report.


2 thoughts on “Linda Ikeji allegedly slammed with N75 Million tax evasion charges(photos)

  1. Divine frustration upon the counsel of the enemy. One thing I know is that for good things to come to you, rejoice with those that
    are rejoicing. Linda Ikeji is beautiful and classy. Her pictures are next to my profile on google. when I enter my name sometimes I find her info before mine or after mine. Go girl


    1. Sweetheart, i admire Linda Ikeji. She’s a very hardworking lady and has made a name for herself but that shouldn’t stop me from blogging about recent happenings. If you had taken note, you’d have noticed “allegedly” included in the post title as well as where i quoted the major news source. Not everything translates to “hating” as you’ve made it seem.


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